Do this on the 1st-7th of November (month Ritual)

say This new month must bring blessing. This new month brings all the luck, all the opportunity, all the favor, all the blessings, all the good things, all the open doors that are required to grow in life, all the good things that God has destiny and has kept for me. So on today's video, we'll be talking about new month rituals. So please kindly endeavor to participate in any New month rituals you are asked to do. Please, please, it's for your own good. try to participate.. the advantage of you doing your new month rituals. It opens door for you. It brings all forms of good luck in business to boom. In fact it bring goodness to you. And it's also remove negativity from the previous month because at times there are blessings that supposed to come from a previous month but did not come. That is why you need to do the new moon ritual to bring the blessing to. This new month. So in order to make that blessing that refuse to manifest itself the previous month to begin to manifest, to begin to pave way to begin to open doors to begin to open closed doors for you. So guys before we continue on that's amazing topic. If today is your first time tuning in or see my face, you're welcome. Please kindly hit on the red subscribe button. Turn on your notification so you'll be the first to be notify also you can. Connect with me with my second channel on @ Eve Secret World Eve Secret World on Instagram official_eve_secret Tiktok eve_secret1 Facebook at healthTalkwithEVE. Or you can just search for eve secret on Facebook. Connect with me in my other social media handles so we can grow together. So as I was saying. It's always advisable you do not miss any of your new month rituals because you do not know what you're missing. All you need to do is to get two item in doing this spiritual work. Just use it to bath for seven days, seven days starting on the 1st to on the 7th of November. Starting on the 1st to on the 7th of November. So you are doing this for seven good days to release those blessing that did not manifest itself in the previous month. That's the month of October. Bring those blessings flowing into you back in the month of November. So like I said, I will not be wasting too much time. All you need to do is to get sea salt and a garlic. Yes get sea salt and garlic  This is sea salt for people that are just joining us and this is garlic. Garlic is a spice. Everybody knows garlic your normal garlic now there is no difference  your normal garlic. So get enough quantity of garlic yet just the handful of sea salt. Like I said, if you do not have sea salt on this remedy, please kindly use your normal salt. If you do not have sea salt you can use. normal salt. Get a handful of sea salt. Then get just a bulb. A bulb of garlic. Now all you do is to get your bucket of bathing water. You are doing this for seven days. Guys, please do not forget. Do this once. It's 12:00 AM on the dot. That is on the 1st of November by 12:00? O'clock on the dot, guys. So like I said, get your bucket of bathing water. Add a handful of sea salt. Inside, get a clove of garlic. Remove it. Peel the back, peel the back. Pound it, pound it, pound it, pound it. into paste
add it together with the sea salt inside your bathing water      Put it inside your bathing water and use it to bath. Remember, whenever you are doing your spiritual work or when you are bathing , as you're pouring the water all over your body, make sure you open your mouth and say your intention say This new month is blessed, say This new month brings all the luck, all the opportunity, all the favor, all the blessings, all the good things, all the open doors that I require to grow in life. All the good things that God has destined and has kept for me. favour and open doors. It's time to start praying for protection. This is Ember month. Pray for protections. Lot of things tends to go on this ember month. Pray for protection for yourself, for your family, for anybody related to you or close to you. Prayer for everybody. Yes, your single baths can change everybody. Your single bath can change everybody. Life. You can be a point of contact to your family. As you bath  Call the members of your family as you are partaking in that spiritual work you are covering everybody in total. I said be serious whenever you're doing any new month ritual. and Hod will direct your steps. Remember, once you're done, you do not clean yourself don't  dry yourself it's always advisable. when bathing with spiritual water or spiritual thing. You do not put on anything. You don't wear your bedroom slippers that's what I mean do not put on anything. Why you are bathing. Just make sure your legs are on the ground. Once you're pouring the water on your body, pray as you are doing this remedy and I believe God is going to intercede for you do this. I believe this new month is going to change your story. This new month is going to be a new beginning for you. This new month you are going to mark it in your calendar that this new month brought a lot of laughter in your life and in your family. So guys, we actually done on this video. Do this. because I know your testimony is now. So guys we are stopping here  If you like what you just watch, please kindly give me a thumbs up. Share this video to friends and loved one because you might not know who you are. Saving comments down this write up And lastly, please do not forget to subscribe, and turn on your notification bell so you be the first to be notified whenever there is a new upload coming up on this channel. I'll see you guys on my next video. Bye bye. remain blessed. Watch video here on youtube https://youtu.be/kVNLWarC4mA
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