Here Are Most Frequently Asked Questions


Delivery takes 2 t0 3 days for customers within Nigeria and also we ship via DHL to customers outside Nigeria and delivery takes 4 to 5 days maximum.

Once there is an order, we arrange and waybill or ship the package if possible that same day but probably the next day as times allowed

Sure! The website automatically generates a copy as soon as you checkout 

You can find it in your account on the website as well as a copy in the email you use to registered with the company

The website is designed with the most browsers in mind. It had been confirmed to be compatible with “Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer

You can subscribe to our Newsletter using the appropriate row designed for this purpose on a section on our home page

You must contact us before making any return and if need be. It must be immediately you received your ordered package


Yes! we ship to most countries of the world. You can contact us to confirm if we can ship to your country of residence

All cases are not the same. You need to contact us first and we will tell you the best option peculiar to your case

A whitelist is a list of entities approved for authorized access or privileged membership to enter a specific area in the computing world. These entities could include electronic groups or organizations, privileged websites or even email addresses.

The package tracking is a number used to track your order from the point of shipping till the shipping arrives

As soon as you make all the necessary steps and finish the steps by submission. This is done by your bank and it is in an instance in most cases

Yes! But this is possible only if you have confirmed that your order has not been shipped

Yes! in most cases. But occasionally, the package designs may changed. If this so, be sure that the content, the value, the content volume as well as the efficacy of the products remains the same