How To Neutralize Any Spiritual Arrow Or Poison

Hi guys this is a powerful remedy that you can do for people that you mister killing much a poison that’s poison on the ground when I mean poison I mean probably a charm or any strong thing that your enemy might have sent you. This is actually what my mom used when she must poison so this is what actually told my mom to use and it worked perfectly for her so I decided to share it here so everybody can benefit from that.

So you also try to turn on your notification bell. That is very, very important. Please, if you subscribe I have not shown below please try to check if it’s on please. So as I was saying, if you much anything of poison, maybe you’re living in a public compound, you match any form of poison, please you need to do this particular remedy.

This particular remedy is not simple. You should always give your enemy a chance for them to always attack you first. Whenever the arrow is coming please you need to return center. Even if it has reached you already to the point that you’ve mastered already. You’ve made the poison or the sense the poison to you is started manifesting already. All you do is to take action on what you meet is up to you very simple.

All you need to do is to get a water just get what I need to get what I need. Then also get a salt just add salt inside the water. Just lay this you do this particular remedy at midnight. What advice for doing work at midnight because is the time to take in charge. Is it time to do whatever you want to do the time to enter the spiritual room to take the bull by the horns is a perfect time to meet with journalists face to face and deal with them. That’s why I said I believe that I am prayers if you watch me also by videos I will tell you boots at 12pm Take the bull by the horn starts with him I want to do a duct with em do not let any enemy or let an evil want to work on so as I was saying once you get this glass of water or you get a bowl of water rather and you add your salt inside it then you start praying. Like I said you do this particular remedy by quickly end to end at midnight. At midnight. That’s the perfect time to do this kind of battle send a prayer do not allow the adults with me was not sleeping. You must you must not even tried to sleep because they want to accomplish their mission.

So by that, I am just cannot take your water our salt and stop praying to start praying once you’re done with your prayer then you read some pets five inside it does some three-five does some testified inside the water you read it several times you repeated seven times you pray as you pray also continue your prayer you pray you present anything that the enemy has sent to you as you’re making use of this water let’s go back to sender any better the enemy of St Lucia precede evil key where they sent it from what is from the school as well they know what I from the stuff you do not want to know that this particular theme this particular was the image is going back to the sender is going back to send me to reject because I usually tell us that one thing I do not allow your enemy to do is for them to take in charge of you what they put in what position do manipulate you to the last state that is not what we want that is not what we pray for. And that is why we must keep praying like I said most you are finished reading or some datafied inside is seven times you Fred inside you know that you prayed with your heart you’ve prayed have cried then use that water to wash really yes use that someone to push you like and trust me to make sure you do this at least three times in a week for you to see results keep doing it to you poisoned disappeared. Bostock dasi okay, it’s like is healing me relax, to not stop.

Do not stop at that point that is getting you on it’s going already please continue your prayers sealed you are healed completely. Most shadows are prayer like I said with water. Use those legs to remove anything or you send any back to sender wherever you’re sending it from is none of your business. Wherever they’re sending it is none of your business. As you’re watching this leg we are sending everything back to the center motion can go to bed. It’s as easy as Marsha don’t you create can good so guys, we actually don’t know today’s video. If you find this video have fun interesting please do not forget to subscribe, like this video share this video to friends or CO minus by remembering this

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