How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes Using A Glass Of Water

So in today’s article, I will be revealing how you can use water to discover your spiritual eyes or third eyes. Water is a commom comodity and can be available in excess in many places. Water can kill. Water can be of a blessing to you. So use it wisely use it judiciously. we’ll be talking about how to use a glass of water to gain access to the spiritual realm. So if this is your first time of coming to my blog here, I will encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter so that you can get updated on regular bases, please do so by clicking on the subscribe button so that you can join this wonderful and amazing family.

Now man is a spirit that has is so that lives in a body. So as a human being you have access to spiritual walk, because spiritual one is just like the invasive place that exists beyond human imagination. No beyond your thinking. spiritual realm is the seat of power that controls the physical, it is easy to assess the spiritual realm. So in this article I’ll be showing you two ways to Metro life two powerful ways you can use glass just a glass of water to get access to the spiritual realms just a glass of water.

So all you do is to get a glass of water. You can as well choose the particular time like you can choose whether you want to be doing this in the morning in the afternoon or in the night with make sure you choose a particular time on a particular you know, you know route rootsy in both preferably morning is preferred when your brain still refreshed while you’re still you don’t have too much to think about. Then all you do is to get a glass of water. Sit comfortably on a chair get a table plus this water on top of it.

The next thing you get an A buyer just drop it on top of your table. But get your book on your barrel right whatever you see inside the water, just admit staring at the water. So a staring at a glass of water clay on mine from anything. This would clear your mind from your views they want to spend clear mind from the problems that you’re having clear away from issues of life. Just let your mind be free.

That is why I said preferably do this in the morning like preferably in the morning is perfect. Like I said earlier Masha doing this you must have a particular time like a routine you must have a particular time I do this. If you are doing it maybe early in the morning around 6am Let’s do that continuously early in the morning I says Am I doing by 7am Just make sure you are up to time like most of that time. Take your glass of water, place it on a on any team sit comfortably, get your book or your barrel and start staring on it or write whatever you see. So as make sure you do this, at least 10 minutes if you have the strength to keep longer.

If you have the strength to take more than 10 minutes, then you can you’re good to go bots you shouldn’t get below 10 minutes. It was 10 minutes and a bow. If you do this continuously for a moment, you begin to see things as false you start seeing flashes, you start seeing colors you start see shapes of people, then if you’re more spiritual, like if you are really spiritually awoken, once you are looking at it, you will be you will be saved if you’re watching you’re watching television you know because you’re watching TV was you’re staring at it. Right whatever you see, even when you’re staring at it what you’re seeing does not make sense to you write it down.

Anything you see writing letter is going to make much money minifier says to you trust me you can do this for a month does say something sub channel units rights. You can’t do this for months without seen and it’s not possible. In fact if you do it for more diversity, please just discontinue from the remedy because it says no four you’re seriously not doing it right. So if I’m not seeing anything, please just discontinue for me it is not I do not see anything more because you are not patient enough to see what you’re supposed to see.

Now my second method of using water to see things in order to see the future. What you do is to pray on it. After praying on it. You add salt inside this water. Get a glass of water, add salt inside it and pray inside it. Most I don’t praying on it. Put it under your bed, way sleep. If you’re sleeping like put it where your head you lay your head Put it under the bed or put it beside me sure it’s closer to where your head is. Put it closer like anyways, make sure it’s in your head sight where you place your head puts it on the mat or bed besides you.

Make sure you ask questions before you sleep off. Once you sleep, you get your answer you trumps everything be revealed to you just as you’ve asked question. Trust me, if you understand the spiritual realm seems to be very easy for you to assess. You don’t need anybody to interpret anything for you. Man is a small God that has a soul that lives in the body. Angels does not have rights to physical except man authorize them that’s why they will tell you a power of the high time you realize that you save the powerful they do not need anybody to look or to assess into the spiritual realm the better for you. You can do it yourself.

For those of you that said you can get em and practice where you are for the last article that I did you can get it because the mods in Nigeria a lot in Ghana you know a lot of reasons people say they can use, they can get a little pot, people say they cant you know they can’t get stream water. So this article is for you that you know you can’t get any of those things at least water you can get water anyway. So like I said, it is very easy for you to gain access to the spiritual realm if you want just a glass of water so guys, we are done in today’s article.

if you find this article helpful and interesting, please do not forget to give me a thumbs up it’s actually very important to me. And please do not forget to subscribe if this is your first time of coming here. It’s my wonderful subscribers you always loved so guys, I’ll see you my next article. Bye for now.

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