Hello guys, happy Sunday to you. Also on today's video I'll be showing you how to attract, Cook, hash. This particular remedy works within seven days. That means within the week of you using it, you must receive an expected money. I mean honest expected money. You know what I'm talking about as you already know that there is no remedy will bring on this channel or money that they will not be testimony. I know that this remedy I'm hoping to get a lot of testimony on how people. Cash out. So guys for continuing this amazing topic, if today is your first time tuning or seem amazing face, you are highly welcome. Please do our hitting on the rest of scribe button so you can join our wonderful and amazing some amazing subscribers. Thanks for always tuning in. I truly appreciate you. So like I said, this particular remedy works within seven days of use. Seven days I mean once you start using it within that seven days and didn't you receive unexpected money that means if you start using it today Sunday. Then this week you're going to receive honest that that cool cash. When I mean honestly, I mean money can come in form of any bit that will tell me if I don't have to work, how will I not get money? Money can come in different ways. Money can come in in the form of someone dashing you something. Money can come in the form of somebody dashing your property. It's not just cash. I don't know whether you get. Money can come in different ways. Money can come in the form of kind. Money can come in in a form of fearful. I don't know whether you get what you need to do is to do this. I'm not gonna assure you that before seven days. Before seven days you will receive alerts inside your bank account. So without wasting too much time you'll be needing just two items. The problem just stay and item on this. All you need to do is to just get a piece of paper, just get a viral for people is always asking me if what is viral virus. I don't know what you guys call it in your country, but here in Nigeria it's called pain, pay a viral pain. Something we call it big, you don't understand but I call it buyer because that's what I know it as. So get a viral and please when you're doing anything on money we are doing anything on love and luck. I always advise people get blue barrel. If you are using Macalester Big Blue don't use black or don't use red. In some situation you are actually use OK use red. So situation you will be asked to use black. Maybe you are using it for enemy or those stuff. I don't know that you understand. But if you're using it for love, you're using for luck, you're using it for money, or you need to do is to get a blue hair. Let's get a blue pen. So like I said, get a blank sheet, right? 777 in three places, right? 777 in three places. Now let's go 7. Just have to be bold and you saying it's 77. Then several. So look at this 777 in three places as you already know the definition of seven and what will make use of seven in doing some of our spiritual work. So get 7. And this seven also symbolizes that you're going to receive it before at least seven days. You're going to get whatsoever you pray for or you ask within seven days. I don't know whether you missed that. So once you're done writing this, write your country currency. Now in Nigeria we make use of naira, so our naira goes like this. I wanna rock goes like this. And and like this, I don't know that you understand. So in your country for those of you that use dollar you can use the S sign. For those of you that use euro, you know the. Currency to put next the 777. I don't know that you understand. So don't forget that. And please when you are writing this Myra or when you are using this your$ or when you are using your EUR and make sure you write it in three places just like this naira is beneath the seven, then another naira beneath the second seven, then another Nairobi net, the last seven. Just like this. I don't know whether you understand. So you are going to write it in a neatly sheet of paper not like. Just one of them using show instance. I don't know whether you get so once you're done writing it just like this, then you are going to call them money. They're going to call on money on the paper. They're going to speak words and say you are attracting money, color money. Say this week is going to be money or poor money, excess money. Blessing or blessing. Blessing upon blessing. See that you cannot finish this week and still remain the same. See this week is going to favor you even if it's your destiny helper. That is going to be sent to bring this shift. This week is going to be a blessed week for you. Say this, we cannot end without you cashing this. We cannot just end without you getting pull cash or cool money. I don't know what you understand, so always make sure you speak out whenever you are doing your spiritual stop hiding your mouth or stop talking small, small. Speak out, speak out, shout. Let the money know that you really need to let the money come. I don't know that you understand. So once you're done with this remedy, place it underneath. Get the bed you lie in. I did not say underneath your pillow this time around, guys, so please do not make that mistake. I say on the net your bed on the next your bed, and once you're placing you, don't start squeezing it or start flooding. Place it plainly like this. Are you saying it? Place it plainly. Just raise your bed or place it underneath your bed. Don't squeeze it and make sure it's not squeezed. I don't know whether you understand and keep lying on it. He fought it. Like I said before seven days in fact. That's money or that favor or that blessing or that your destiny helper or that person that God wants to use and bless you this week. We know pass you by. Just do this. I believe your testimony should just do this. I believe you're going to cash out who time. All you need to do is to follow this instruction, follow instruction. And I believe and I believe they're going to be a cool massive. For those of you that already have testimony on money, some of you will still come to my day. If I did this particular remedy to work for me, can I still do this particular remedy? My dear, keep doing all the remedies. Money will keep relocating you. And for those of you that have done is not working for you. You have tried some remedies not working for you. This is also a perfect remedy we can do that draws well to that draws money to you. All you need to do, like I said, is to believe, believe. This simple remedy to Britain to give you that cash that you have been looking for to bless you, like the remedy I did on how to attract money inside your bank account. Someone did and she said she didn't even know who sent money inside her bank account..
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    Ma will I do it like this cause the video is scraping. 777,777,777 with blue biro on a sheet of paper and under this 777 Naria, 777 Naria, 777 Naira. Then just drop it on top of ur mosquito net or close to the mosquito net

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    Ma is it after the 7 days will I remove it and throw it away

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