Bad dreams remedy 
Hi, guys I will be showing you how to use this particular spice, for bad dreams. A lot of you that is always having bad dreams.  you don't usually sleep a very long sleep without having a very scary dreams infact everytime somebody must pursue you or your pursue someone  either somebody dies or you are doing funeral or you even digging grave.  infact something bad must happen  if that masquerade is pursuing you or your or you're having fun in dream Something bad must just be happening...  you dont usually sleep normal sleep that everybody used to sleep. Whenever you sleep, strange things happen. Now all you are going to do is to do this particular remedy to end all your trouble and end all your problem and end all your difficulties and end that spirit, that particular spirit that's making you have a bad dream. So guys, like I always tell you, dreams are good, but when a particular dream keep reoccurring in a very demonic way its not ordinary. most times, dream is used to impute fear in  people  Is used to make you, scared of your own home. There's people that don't sleep in their house Well then all you need to do is to do this particular remedy and I believe you come back with your amazing testimony. So guys, before we continue on this, if today is your first time tuning in or seeing my amazing, face you're highly welcome. Please do well by hitting on the red subscribe button. turn on your notification bell, so you'll be the first to be notified whenever there is a new upload coming up on this channel. So as I was saying the amazing, the amazing spice I'm talking about, everyone knows it.   This is called garlic. Yes, this is called garlic. All you need to do is that every night when you want to sleep or you're about to sleep. Speak your intention inside this
 you can say you will never have any bad dream, any evil dream that keep reoccurring that, you cancel any evil dream that keep or occurring any evil dream that do not want you to have a peaceful night rest Any evil dream that you know that is not true because me myself, I recommend dreams. But when you know that you dream in a way that scares you or they want to put fear in you, pray against that. Once you are done, put it underneath your pillow and sleep off. Put it underneath your pillow and sleep off. Once you wake up, take just the single one, dispose it. The following day do another one 
put underneath your pillow. Do this continuously, until you Notice that that spirit has left you totally. Do this continuously until you notice that that spirit does no longer live with you, it does no longer have access to your spiritual life. So guys do this and come back with your testimony. We actually done on today's video on this channel will share health and spiritual tips If you like what you just read  Please kindly hit on the red Subscribe button turn on your notification bell so you be the first to be notified. Whenever there is a new upload coming up on this channel, I'll see you guys on my next video. Bye bye. Remain amazingly blessed.
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