Are you a young beautiful lady or a handsome man you are intelligent? And you know you have whatever a lady wants or whatsoever a man wants infact  you are a spec on your own, but yet you get no attraction from the opposite partner. Even when you eventually get is always hard to settle down. Nobody wants to take you serious, nobody is always interested in you, nobody  always want to go   far with you , when ever they even try or manage to even manage you, nobody want to settle down with you. You're always going from relationship to relationship. In fact, it has become a normal thing to you that. You will always meet different people, but none of them will marry you. They will always keep playing you. And first of all, they always come as a good person. They always come as a good lady or as a handsome man or even a better person. As time goes on, you notice that this person is actually deceiving you. Then all you need to do is to do this particular remedy and trust me, you will come back with your amazing testimony. Just do this and believing God and trust me, your situation is going to change for good. So guys before we, continue on this amazing topic. If today is your first time tuning in  , you're wonderfully welcome. Please do it by hitting on the right subscribe button so you can join our wonderful amazing. To my amazing subscribers thanks for always tuning in. I appreciate you. So for those of you that don't get attracted to men, for those of you that is complaining about the five problems that i talked about that is disturbing you  if you're having issue with attraction, if you're having problem with ancestral attraction, you feel no one is getting attracted to you, nobody is attracted to you, nobody want to have anything to do with you. In fact, you are  just Beautiful, fresh but inside, nobody is seeing you. Then all you need to do is to get this wonderful leaf you take it around wherever you go, and it's going to draw attraction to you. Is going to draw important people to you it's going to draw your destiny helper to you is going to draw men to you.. it's going to draw women to you. Because I usually tell you that when I talk about attraction, men always think it's just women. There's some men that is facing this problem no matter how wonderful they are, no matter how handsome they are, no matter how useful they are. They can never get somebody that will match them. They're always getting somebody that is, that is opposite what they want, or they are always getting somebody that is not what they even prayed for. All you need to do is to get this leaf. This is what they call miracle leaf  For those of you that say, Eve i don't know what miracle leaf is, how can I get miracle leaf? Some people is even showing me something that is opposite to Miracle leave on WhatsApp they say is this miracle? Why? Whereas it is not miracle see. This is miracle leaf As you can see, some have this red, red colour on the root side, while some do not. I don't know whether you understand. So you can use anyone, anyone your hand can please. You can use anyone. Now, as you already know that miracle leave is used for attraction, is used for money, is used for open doors, he's used for favors. He's used for all forms of blessing. It works amazingly well. Miraculously, we can use it, you know. for Almost all remedies and it works perfectly well this miracle. Once you wash it, it's still edible. It's not something that is poisonous or you say this thing. You cannot keep it in your home. You can still keep it in your home. It brings wealth to your home. Now all you would do with this miracle leave for the men. You get 10 pieces. Just cut 10 pieces of this. For the ladies, you get 8 pieces. 8 pieces of the leaves. Get 8 pieces of this. So once you're done getting the 8th leaves for the female and then 10 for the men, then you squeeze out the leaf, add water, squeeze out the leave, get the water, use it to wash your face. So like I said, get 10 leaves. If a man suffering from this issue, then if your woman suffering from this issue gets 8, leaves, of miracle, all you will do now or you will need to do is that you keep one aside. If you're a man, that's automatically means that you are still having 9. Nine, and if you're a woman, since you've already 8  if you remove one out of it, you are now having seven. I don't know whether you understand me. So once you do that, all you need to do is to take the remaining seven or the remaining 9. Get a bowl of water. Squeeze it inside, squeeze it inside. All you need is just as if you're squeezing the bitterleaf  squeeze it inside and get the water.   That's what you need. The green water, That's what you need. So you don't need to add maybe big water. You're not using it to bath or anything, you're only using it to wash your face. But if you want to use it to bath, it's perfect. But mainly we can use it to wash your face. That's what this video is all about. Use it to wash your face as you're washing your. start saying your intention as you're washing your face. Say you want to attract important people. You are tired of attracting people that will take you for granted. You are tired of attracting people that always play with your emotions. You're always tired of attracting people that don't know value. People that do not even know your worth or your value. You are tired of attractingthose things. Remember as you're washing your face, start saying your intention. I notice a lot of people doing spiritual remedies as they are washing their face or their bathing  They just bath like that without opening their mouth. Opening your mouth to talk... there is the power in what you're doing. That is what make this miracle leaf different from the normal leave that you are seeing. The power is in what you say into it, that is what makes it different. So whenever you're praying, make sure you speak. Speak. When you are bathing or when you want to wash your face, make sure you specify. You are tired of attracting evil people. Say you want to be attracting important people. People that will know your worth and your value. People that will appreciate you for who you are, not just people that want to take you for granted or that they are always willing to take from you and they have nothing to offer. I don't know whether you understand so after doing this, I believe you come back with your testimony. So guys, we actually done on today's video on this channel we share health and spiritual tips. If you like what you just will, please kindly hit on the red subscribe  Button. And of course do not forget to also turn on your notification bell, it is very very important. That's after you must have subscribed so you get notification whenever there is any latest or newest update coming up on this channel. So I'll see you guys on my next video. Remain amazinglyBlessed...
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